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catia shortcut keys
« on: June 25, 2012, 02:48:01 pm »
Select All, then try to use Ctrl + F to do it, in the name input * may be OK, but at hand is not installed catia have not tried How to Select All Dimension: Each label has its own name. Dimension.x (1.2. 3 ...), in search of the name field, enter the Dimension. * can CATIA shortcuts highlights the F3 ------ hidden directory tree F1 ------ real-time help of ctrl + z ------ --- Undo ctrl + y -------- the redo ctrl + n -------- new ctrl + o -------- Open ctrl + middle mouse button to view zoom alt + mouse key View shift alt + left mouse button + mouse button view rotating ALT + ENTER = the nature of the shift plus button, a red box drag to quickly zoom coupled with the size it is very easy to press the CTRL key is the zoom in the press key plus CTRL object rotation, object rotation outside the red circular area in the XYZ axis of rotation within the circular area outside the circular area for the specific rotation of the Z-axis with the mouse to point to a closed hollow surface of the entities, then press the keyboard arrow keys can be selected to the inner surface of the ctrl + F11, the object selector. the Ctrl + Page up ------- zoom in the Ctrl + Page down ------ zoom out Alt + shift + arrow up and down ---- the rotate left and right Ctrl + up and down arrow ---- of pan Ctrl + Shift + left and right arrows ------ the rotate the shift + F3 - work on the specification tree Shift + F2 - specification tree overview (in the tool bar) Value for the MB3 + the Customize ... self defined in the free form of Class A surfaces: F5 - bring up the operating plane dialog "(for" into the surface by N command is particularly important) CATIA13 Q: How to quickly know the current CATIA mapping magnification of the parts? A: select the TOOLS -----> the OPTIONS -----> VISUALIZATION ----> the DISPLAY CURRENT SCALE the IN PARALLEL, the MODE option in the screen's bottom right of the value the geometry of the mapping region shows the proportion of 2: How to quickly define the sketch direction? A: Press the CTRL key and click in the sketch as the X-axis side, and then select the sketch plane, and then select the sketch function sketch the automatic to the desired direction. 3: How to then SKETCHER in the dynamic adjustment of size? A: Check the label entity, and then hold down the SHIFT key, then drag the entity, entities marked on the size dynamically changes. 4: When you start CATIA, will always produce a new CATPRODUCT file, How can asylum? A: START ---> ALL PROGRAMES ---> the TOOLS ---> ENVIRONMENT EDITOR V5R ** created a new environment variable, NAME: CATNOSTARTDOCUMENTVALUE: YES you can change this problem. 5: MODEL files from CATIA to in to read PROJICTCONFLICT the information, how to read? A: $ HOME directory , modify USRENV.DCLS this file, to join ATSITE, PRJMODEL = TRUE; in which this line can be. (UNIX Environment): How to enter CATIA sketcher workbench, skip the animation, in order to accelerate the display speed? A: the TOOLS ---> OPTIONS ---> DESPLAY ----> NAVIGATION ---> NAVIGATION, UNCHECK "ANIMATION DURINGVIEWPOINT MODIFICATION". can prohibition animation. 7: How to change the system default size of the coordinate plane and color? A: The TOOLS ---> the OPTIONS ---> INFRASTRUCTURE ------> the PART INFRASTRUCRE ----> DISPLAY ----> the DISPLAY the IN GEOMETRY the AREA ----> AXISSYSTEM DISPLAY SIZE (IN MM), the default value changed from 10 to 40.60 and so on, you can change the size of the datum, but the color only GRAPHIC PROPERTIES tool interface directly changed. 8: How in the feature tree and switch between the entities? A: we all know is probably in the feature tree, click or click in the lower right corner of the screen coordinate system. here brother describes a technique that your mouse is a triple bond) hold down the CTRL then slide the mouse on the scroll wheel on OK.