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Solidworks 2012 SP1.0 installation method
« on: July 10, 2013, 05:33:59 am »

This method only in the [3D mechanical design system]. TLF-SOFT-SOLIDWORKS.2012.SP1.0.WIN64.MULTILINGUAL.ISO-LZ0 validated under this document. Additional installation files and software versions may be feasible. Wish you good luck
Iso file software download address

After the virtual drive to load the installation files according lz0 \ install text document executed step by step guide
0. Install all pre-reqs from prereqs folder. This isimportant!
1. Install Solidworks from .. \ swwi \ data \ swsetup.exe with serial9916 0657 0219 4742 HKJH 5HKF.
It might talk about beingsuperceded by sldIM. Ignore this.
Dismiss any prompts to add alicense server.
2. Copy ibfs32.dll to windows \ syswow64 \
3. Import lz0-sw2012.reg to registry.
4. Copy sw2012.lic and lz-solidworks12x64.exe to C: \ ProgramFiles \ Solidworks \
5. Run lz-solidworks12x64.exe (Run as admin required onVista/win7)
6. If installed, copy and run if applicable any addon patchersfiles to appropriate dirs (eDrawings common files \ edrawings2012 andswexplorer)
7. Enjoy!

Chinese Translation and Correction Addendum:
0 Install prereqs folder of all the files, especially "dotNetFx", "VCRedist", "VCRedist9", "VSTA".
1 From the \ swwi \ data \ swsetup.exe installed (but the file name is actually a setup. ** Who might wrong)
The ****** number is 9916 0657 0219 4742 HKJH 5HKF
This is the dialog box may appear superceded bysldIM. ignore it either
In the pop-up when the certificate server options do not add any servers. Directly click OK. Then whether
Installation may be rolled back to the last Needless tube. Continue with the following steps
2 Copy lb0 \ ibfs32.dll to windows \ syswow64 \
3 Run lz0-sw2012.reg file
* If your file is not the default installation path C: \ Programfiles \ .. then you will need to lz0-sw2012.reg copied to any path (desktop more convenient) and then use Notepad to open the right choice would be one of the addresses change your installation path: for example my installation path is D drive Next, I'll change it to:
"SW_D_LICENSE_FILE" = "D: \ \ solidworks \ \ sw2012.lic"
"SRAC_LICENSE_FILE" = "D: \ \ solidworks \ \ sw2012.lic"
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ FLEXlm LicenseManager]
"SW_D_LICENSE_FILE" = "D: \ \ solidworks \ \ sw2012.lic"
"SRAC_LICENSE_FILE" = "D: \ \ solidworks \ \ sw2012.lic"

The other does not move

4 Copy the sw2012.licAnd lz-solidworks12x64.exe to your installation directory, such as C: \ ProgramFiles \ Solidworks \
5 Run lz-solidworks12x64.exe (if your operating system is Vista/win7. Need to run as administrator)
6 If the installation is successful. Then you can install additional software. Example in eDrawings. Enter the installation CD edrawings run setup.exe. Installation has completed common64 folder files are copied to the installation destination folder replace all of the original documents Then enter the next copy lz-edrawings12x64 lz0 installation destination folder to run. **
7 Enjoy this software

1 Install COSMOSM, skip the certificate is installed - because it can be directly compatible with the previous reg / lic
2 If patched to run after eDrawings problem, you can runedrwfix.reg
3. EDrawings need two patches - one in the (x86) folder to another in normal Program files folder
4 If you want the backup file on the patch, delete, or rename. Bak file path is C: \ ProgramFiles \ SolidWorks \ photoview \ extra (swkloader64.lx.BAK)

What is the problem please share
Best wishes