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solid edge classic - floating module (
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Synchronous technology / unique synchronization technology
 of Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology (referred to as "Solid Edge ST")
 the most comprehensive on the market today based on the characteristics of 2D/3D CAD system. This system will direct modeling speed and the accuracy of the flexibility and dimension driven design
 together to provide the fastest and most flexible design experience and a new modeling approach. to edit other CAD
 data quickly broke through the barriers to traditional systems allow you to edit vendor-supplied CAD data speed is faster than the supplier.
 only synchronization built modeling techniques such a solution can be done by eliminating the pre-design planning to speed up the design eliminate
 In addition to the model re-generated to quickly complete the engineering change order (ECO) and by editing, such as native models imported calculation
 machine-aided design (CAD) data to improve reuse.
 With more and more users of Solid Edge with synchronous technology. this to create a the advantages of CAD technology has become
 tangible synchronous technology through the elimination of pre-planning steps designed to accelerate the model created to shorten time to market of the product
. need to rebuild the model. engineers to expedite the completion of the engineering change order (ECO). This helps
 time delivery of Solid Edge users to import CAD data by editing the native model to improve reuse, thereby reducing the cost of the project of the
 Part of the Advanced / Advanced Part Modeling (entity. surfaces)
 Solid Edge provides a wide variety of features modeling commands. can create a stretch. rotation. scan. loft. ribs.
 spiral taper angle. thin-walled. chamfer fillet. hopper windows installation Boss characteristics array and mirror the various features.
 mechanical design to provide a full range of modeling tools. characteristics of the establishment of easy to use is often a few simple steps can're done.
 efficiency and ease of use, wide acclaim
 Solid Edge is a solid or surface modeling is very good:
 a) Parasolid kernel-based advanced solid modeling powerful ability
 b) the use of advanced Rapid Bule technology to construct a complex surface. by Blue Dots.NURBS Curves.
 Blue Surfaces. dynamically modify the way. construct design required for any surface
 c) the leading provider of industrial design module: support for the modeling of image input (bmp, jpg, tif)
 d) to support up to 10 Order NURBS curves
 e) The error analysis and report
 f) synchronous dynamic rules. locked to the reference plane
 g) synchronization part family support
 h) synchronous surface edge offset
 i) select Add / Remove tool options
 j) enhanced three-dimensional measurement
 Assemble / assembly modeling welding design
 Solid Edge, a number of techniques can easily complete the assembly of large machines by top-down and bottom on two
 assembly technology developed 2D/3D hybrid design technology. assembly design can go hand in hand in the work group and to ensure normal
 ensure the whole machine assembly design proper assembly methods and intelligent assembly to improve the efficiency of assembly. assembly sketch points
 with related and associated design so that the assembly has been further strengthened; the "Zero D" design techniques. virtual loading
 with structure associated with the actual model. to expand the idea of ​​the whole assembly design. display configurations can hide or freeze has nothing to do with the current work
 parts. both ease of assembly, but also to reduce the burden on the system. Assembly ethnic and multi-station assembly and adjustable assembly.
 tune parts of the introduction of effective to solve the re-assembly of complicated assembly variant facing assembly such as the decomposition
 graph generation. animated document production pipeline. the establishment of the cable in a separate sub-environment. cleverly designed and simple real
 1) the sketches item number
 2) Display Configuration With the adjustable parts of the UI
 3) set in the assembly: patterns and relationships
 welding design module uses the centralized control of the welding Welding Manager from the welding component management. before welding surface pretreatment.
 add solder to the machine after the welding process command button. weld optimization based on the actual welding process in order to click on the welded pipe
 processor button above. activates the welding processes Manager at the same time. welding toolbar will also activate the command button
. processing control interface is both easy to learn and improve the design efficiency.
 Drafting / two-dimensional GB Graphics <br /
 of Solid Edge is developed specifically for mechanical drawing. provide excellent graphic expression enlarged Technical marked
 and dimensions of control tools and can be automatically selected by the user mapping standard. regardless of yes from the the the part model. assembly model. as or as the
 one blank drawings of departure. the the the cartographic of the of Solid Edge and the annotation tools can make the the user to to convenient ground to complete the cartographic. it the performance of
 beyond any other CAD system. of Solid Edge the previous two-dimensional data in the complete inheritance.
 for the three-dimensional modeling material. users from 2D to 3D design tool
 a) the measurement
 b) the two-dimensional mapping perspective drawing views
 c) The retrieval from assembly drawings size
 d) drawing color from the color of the three-dimensional model derived
 e) drawing files can be shared between in multiple languages ​​
 f) of the assembly-level automatic BOM table <br /
 g) of the puzzle print
 Sheet Metal / advanced sheet metal design
 unparalleled Sheet Metal Design module. compared with other CAD software. its powerful features and convenient operating features. advantage
 a) the process tank is automatically added. the loft of the technology gap
 b) sheet metal. diagonal suture
 c) bending. rolling. flanging ribs features one hundred windows, etc.
 d) The bending coefficient. automatically exhibition level
 e) can be interoperable with the part environment
 f) The new closed angle: U-type angle V-type angle side angle oblique cut angle
 h) Etch command in "writing" on the surface of the material library will measure the standard and type of link
 Frame / steel structure design
 <br / > characteristics of the processing equipment industry. steel structure design tool. steel structure design finished
 also in the assembly environment into the design similar to the way pipes and cable design: First, define the steel toward. and then select the appropriate cross-section shape. the the type of seam by the pick
. the the system automatically complete a steel structure design. generated by the steel structure also full-with the three-dimensional model related to.
 a) to replicate a common component model framework
 b) has enhanced the relevance of the rotation function and cross-section of the flip function
 2D-3D Migration Tools / two-dimensional transfer of Solid Edge 3D intelligent tools package
. designers from 2D to 3D does not need to abandon the original data or CAD knowledge. intuitive 3D
 conversion the The wizard helps users quickly to the original two-dimensional geometry into three-dimensional parts. 3D modeling operations.
 of Solid Edge directly using two-dimensional CAD data without the need to re-draw the original pixels
 latest AutoCAD data into program document the Mechanical Desktop.AutoCAD 2004 can be successfully transplanted to
 Solid Edge environment. using Solid Edge for AutoCAD users the latest available the two-dimensional drawing tool (the mouse operation.
 <br the /> grid alignment, etc.). designers will be able to quickly get started. tasks previously difficult to complete.
 external three-dimensional data processing. 2D drawing data attached to the imported model; inherit all processing information. accelerated mode
 editing. and seamlessly integrates with the CAM.
 engineering Reference / engineers design reference
 engineering design Solid Edge assembly module provides the additional tools it provides online reference for the design of engineering components.
 can automatically generate three-dimensional the Reference provides of the parts. engineering design the a a wide range of range of part design. According to the of the data and design
 Standards of the input. the the engineering design reference be able to automatically generated by the the-driven by the calculation the results of three - dimensional parts.
 <br / > Solid Edge engineering reference standard mathematical formulas and physical formula calculated according to the calculated results to evaluate the
 estimate the feasibility of design or retrofit the majority of engineering calculations automatically in of Solid Edge, generated in the parametric part in the assembly drawing. meter
 counted the results can be saved. can be inserted into the assembly diagram.
 engineering design for spring. high-speed gear shaft cam and other parts of the calculation. parts generator according to the calculated
 results to generate a parametric part.
 the Simulation Express / part-level finite element analysis
 <br / > Solid Edge Simulation is a necessary response to market demands as the raw material cost.
 reduce the number of physical prototypes. and consider the processing of the components in the design phase and production has increasingly become a necessity.
 If an error occurs in the design process to the production and processing stages of discovery and change, the high cost.
 "More and more design engineers for CAE capabilities put forward higher requirements. grasp the engineers of the finite element analysis skills
 more and more. CAE software's ease of use of increasingly the stronger. "
 Femap and NX Nastran technology and the development of Solid Edge Simulation. both the use of Finite Element Modeling of Femap ® software and NX ™ Nastran ® solving skills
 surgery. into the Solid Edge user interface, design engineers can party
 will design validation of parts and assemblies in the early product development. which can effectively reduce the cost of physical prototypes and accelerate products to market when
 Photo Rendering, / photorealistic rendering
 To be able to create the introduction of attention for the successful design. product model to show real display effect is very important. Solid
 Edge, the latest launch virtual studio. photorealistic rendering effects to a new height. a given material library
 specified material and add prospects. background. to simulate a real working environment of the final product. different light
 light conditions set by internal observation products from different locations designers to immediately obtain the corresponding state product shows the actual effect.
 new applications to support a unique sketch-based rendering. effect is like a painter early in the design drawing with pencil CAD
 graphical. Solid Edg the virtual studio. user interface friendly and easy to operate and the results are cause for applause. thereby creating
 depicting lifelike high quality publicity pictures. products to market.
 the PMI / product manufacturing information
 product manufacturing information (PMI), so that we do not have the three-dimensional model into engineering drawings. can intuitively access to the processing of the product information in the three-dimensional model
 such as the size of surface roughness, form and position tolerances, etc. This innovative smart technology now appears in the
 Solid Edge it reduces the process of design review and exchange of information. the needs of the two-dimensional drawings. and can be made available to the use of Xu
 downstream areas.
 PMI in full compliance with U.S. Society of Mechanical Engineering can be used multiple times on the standard three-dimensional product definition (ASME Y14.41). designer
 time to create success in Solid Edge. Because it contains a record of this product number
 word file information. can even directly from the 3D model into 2D drawings. thus greatly improving productivity. can
 to ensure the accuracy of three-dimensional information synchronize multiple files without the need for maintenance updates.
 PMI operation is identical in the two-dimensional drawings generated. size tolerances and surface roughness, shape and position tolerances. technology
 requirements. comment can be expressed in three-dimensional model. of Solid Edge also PMI view cutaway fusion
 together. Solid Edge offers a free viewing program. XpresReview supported.
 the PMI on behalf of an emerging era of smart technology.
 1) to place the edit value
 2) will drive size placed on the contour cut point and virtual vertex
 3) will drive size is placed in the midpoint
 Simple Motion, / real motion simulation
 movement simulation is a simulation-specific sub-module of the machine movement. It is also in the assembly environment. motion simulation module
 MSC SIMPLY MOTION under the guidance of the wizard in the movement by the definition of assembly zero parts of the assembly conditions.
 automatically defined between the various parts of the deputy campaign by the designers on the definition of the conditions of movement driven design conditions
 simulation in order to motion analysis and Motion Analysis.
 Machinery Library / mechanical standard parts library
 improve the standard parts library can provide the designer work efficiency and quality of design. help standardized design of the product.
, Solid
 Edge launched in the latest version of the built-in standard parts library. focus the country's national standards. ANSI.DIN.ISO.
 the UNI . GB of. built-in standard parts library financial the the design and standards management of the standard products as one. in the the assembly environment auto-complete the assembly. the the
 greatly improving the the the design speed of of the standard parts. simplifies the the the operation of steps of the designer The administrator can also enterprises To
 seeking. range of options for customized corporate standards. This is a major feature of
 Solid Edge Standard Parts Library
 Translators / full set of data conversion secondary development interface (DWG / DXF, IGES, STEP, JT, the SAT, Solidworks, ProE, NX)
 API / interface
 of Solid Edge provides a complete round of document of the application development interface (API). can be used the in Visual Basic, the Visual C + + and other
 standard programming language development the user's own application
 Insight Connect / the to browse with the annotation of
 View 3D Model / 2D data can be very easy to attach your views. annotations place the red line marked
 remember and then add your views or comments. can also choose to use Office documents as supplementary documentation of the views / comments.
 system will present all the documents including the Solid Edg data. the redline content and Office data lightweight
 handling the packaged into the PCF file format. way through Email sent to the specified location
 Insight / Insight data management functions
 Solid Edge Insight Net for the design team is easy to quickly find the management and reuse of engineering information and provide help.
 on the distribution of product data in the CAD model. two-dimensional drawings. related documents and other relevant information. provides reliable security
 of Solid Edge design data management includes not only the search and database management functions include project management and business newspaper
 report functionality of Solid Edge Insight ™ is now based on the Microsoft ® SharePoint ™ 2010. can
 of computer-aided design (CAD) data associated with business processes. was first released in 2001. Insight is Microsoft
 SharePoint-based CAD data management tools, today has thousands of customers, the successful application of Solid Edge Insight
 the latest technology in Microsoft SharePoint. such as task built-in collaboration tools and business reporting and project management.
 with customers and suppliers together. the task of managing the use of CAD data. assess the costs and
 <br / > analysis of the product structure in the PowerPivot Insight can also be synergistic with the Teamcenter Express.
 its main functions include: check in / check parts list is automatically generated. version management reference check. work processes and engineering
 to change the processes. the the Xing management of data security. assembly management. the promulgation of-style data management. the full-text retrieve the. data synchronization. examination and approval of.
 data warehousing of the
. the the data chain automatically maintenance. statements generated can be implemented function
 Solid Edge Simulation technical notes contain (Platinum Edition)
 overview of the
 Solid Edge ® Simulation (Solid Edge ® Simulation) software is a powerful. easy to use. embedded finite element
 analysis tools for design engineers in the Solid Edge environment to digitally verify the parts assembly design of Solid Edge
 The simulation software is based on proven of Femap ® finite element modeling techniques to substantially reduce the need for physical prototypes.
 reduce the cost of materials and testing. while saving design time. <br / >
 Solid Edge Simulation, including more enhanced type of loads and constraints. be used to accelerate the simulation model to simplify and synchronous technology
 fast design iterations
 1. through a virtual test. reducing the the needs of of the right the expensive physical prototypes.
 2. to reduce the the physical test. speed up the the a listed on the of new products speed.
 3. the design of the virtual test. to promote innovation.
 4. before the products reach the consumer whether the product is defective, thereby reducing product recall.
 optimize the use of materials to reduce the product weight to a minimum.
 6 with synchronous technology to improve the design speed.
 function characteristics
 provide design engineers with embedded finite element analysis tool.
 2. parts. contact with the sheet metal and assembly by the realistic interaction between the components. modeling.
 3. optional manually override to automatically create a finite element model.
 4. by the full complement of loads and constraints defined on a realistic operating environment modeling.
 5. maintain the loads and constraints in the model change process.
 6 with synchronous technology to quickly re-design model.
 complete graphics processing tools. easily understand the behavior and its modeling
 8. complete simulation extended to Femap from Solid Edge Simulation Express or Solid Edge Simulation
 Femap modeling based on proven technology and industry standard NX ™ Nastran. solver device
 provide design engineers with software
 optional embedded Solid Edge applications use the same basic geometry with the Solid Edge application software and user interface
 of Solid Edge Simulation software is very easy to learn a basic understanding of Finite Element analysis (FEA) the principle of Solid
 Edge can be used not only so very powerful functionality of the software can meet most of your analysis need. through
 allow engineers to to to to conduct their own simulation. to complete a more analysis of within the the in a more short period of time. improved quality. to reduce a materials into a
 of this. and to to reduce the It is only in the pairs of the the needs of of the physical prototypes and to the lowest degree. thereby avoid expensive outsourcing costs of analysis.
 the user interface layout is designed to guide users to complete the analysis process and provide help when needed, so beginners are easy to learn.
 <br / > automatically create to finite element model
 O'clock the in requirements of improve accuracy. you can to create and to refining the finite element mesh. the of Solid Edge simulation software can not only
 created to use the tetrahedron element entity grid. but also to create a two-dimensional shell element grid on the median surface of sheet metal structures.
 of the software provides a grid size slider for based on the overall finite element mesh unit to adjust the grid size.
 to manually adjust the side and the surface element size to the grid fine-tune the simulation model to generate an efficient and accurate knot
 <br / > fruit. Before a finite element model. you can use the synchronous modeling techniques to model change history.
 quickly and easily prepare and simplified geometric model.
 the full complement of
 load and constraint definition
 Solid Edge Simulation provides all the necessary boundary conditions defined in the definition of realistic operating environment. These constraints
 geometry fixed non-rotating symmetric and cylindrical change. these loads is also based on the geometry.
 thermal analysis of mechanical and temperature loads and mechanical loads due to rotation and gravity force. pressure and role.
 define the direction and orientation of the Quick Bar input options and handle. Simulation of Solid Edge to promote the loads and constraints should
 assembly analysis
 put assembly model parts quick connect together. the the the interaction between the in the assembly parts. can yes the pick of adhesive Lian
 in the between the components of can also be an iterative linear solve linear contact on the program can automatically determine the contact between the parts or through
 manually select the face and then separate definitions for each connector. can be applied manually from a material library selection or silent
 recognize inherited from the geometric model of the assembly materials and properties. the software provided by the NX Nastran solver can guarantee that the installed
 with the interaction between the components to achieve a realistic level. to provide a powerful solution.
 type of analysis
 widely accepted through the use of industry NX Nastran solver device you can get the result of static loading. find
 to the natural frequency of vibration, or to determine the buckling load of a design. finite element model of loading and constraint conditions it is easy to reuse.
 like drag and drop from one study to another study, a simple
, scalability, Velocity SeriesTM software portfolio inside the simulation can be from the the of Solid Edge Simulation Express (in order to the before the
 for the "of Femap the Express,". and used for the individual parts) or the of Solid Edge Simulation (analysis function extended to the a installed
 equipped with) has been extended to the of Femap + NX Nastran. so that you can define and analyze the complete system. complete product
 line provides a scalable upgrade path for the user need to address the more challenging engineering problems utilizes. O'clock in the need to. can be
 to sell to, and in order to to use the belt of the the the the the a complete geometric body of the boundary conditions and results with the the limited element model of.
 processed after the
 to use complete graphical post-processing tools quickly explain and understand the formation behavior of the model can use color contours and other
 shapes to display the model results. These shapes can be as a significantly different profile with a display or by unit shown in continuous form
 like. can also be animated to move or mode shape. In addition, the software also provides the maximum / minimum stress markers.
 with the results of the probe tool box is called processing functions through the use of Solid Edge Simulation complete you can quickly identify
 may need to be problem areas of design changes. and generates a simulation model and the final result composed of the the HTML report
 design update
 of the
 after the passage of analysis tools. you can quickly. any design that easily complete the requested update; through the synchronous technology. you
 be free to no history. changes to the feature-based models to significantly speed up the model refining process to another
 of Solid Edge Simulation The software also maintains the association between CAD and finite element model. to keep you applied loads and constraints to ensure that all geometry mode
 engineering simulation (closer to the real world)
 Today's designers are always looking for without having to build and test prototype to design a successful product. of Solid Edge
 the Simulation a built-in analysis tools that allows engineers to design prior to production as a digital prototype
 definition and testing. to Solid Edge Simulation of Solid Edge Simulation Express. then of Femap. <br / >
 Solid Edge ST3, the existing design and to provide more engineering simulation capabilities based on the design of synchronous technology to further reduce
 less physical prototype.
 With the new digital prototyping capabilities. designer can simulate the torque bearings and parts tied together. Solid
 Edge ST3 model to simplify the feature will not need to characteristics (eg arc holes and rounded corners, etc.) hidden so
 designers can quickly simulate parts. If you need to design refinement. designers with synchronous technology.
 OK fast. flexible to change the.
 of Solid Edge pipeline piping technical description of (Platinum Edition in the contains)
 an overview of that the:
 of Solid Edge "pipeline design user interface user-friendly easy to understand. approachable. the overwhelming majority of
 number of piping systems used in the business users are available through this module can be designed and implemented. We also offer a rich part library. engineers simply pipe
 Road, the path is set up. all pipe and fittings are all automatically generated!
 You can also use Solid Edge 3D models and model space. 3D piping design to reduce dependence on the physical model of the
 accelerate the design cycle to improve the design
 quality. of Solid Edge supports two types of piping design: pneumatic or hydraulic pressure through the pipe and free curved pipe.
 pneumatic or hydraulic pressure through piping design: First, define the center of the pipeline path. generate positive
 correct pipes and fittings, and produce the physical model of the piping system in the pipeline wizard refers to
 cited by specify the pipeline starting point of the turning position of the end points and pipeline. can be automatically generated connection
 pipes. types of pipe joints. turning radius and turning at the fittings can be easily set or
 from the standard parts library.
 free curved pipe: first define the center of the pipeline path and then generate the correct pipe free bending of the pipeline allows the pipe
 the center of the path contains the arc to generate a bending state of the pipeline.
 pipeline associated with its connected parts dynamic. if the parts change. pipeline will be automatically updated. <br / >
 irregular tilt angle
 piping design ideas:
 used to create and manage on behalf of the path of the pipeline route. the creation of the path of manual and automatic two ways. "quick piping
 command can be generated automatically by the system to a variety of possible paths. the only path to meet the design requirements of the program
 can. pipeline path in a close three-dimensional space gaps and obstacles that must be considered due to
 factors and increase the number of additional views in order to facilitate the creation of the pipeline path. ( For example: top view front view side view
 map). Once the path is created to complete. can use the tool to check whether there is interference in the assembly environment. pipeline path
 size driver and the geometrical relationship can accurately locate the late stage in the design aspects of the design
 change caused by changes in related graphics software also provides tools to modify the existing path and re-generate the pipeline.
 piping design features:
 1. fast piping
 2. intelligent path automatically wiring manual wiring sketch wiring.
 3. strong mechanical parts library. provides a wealth of pipe fittings.
 4. pipeline BOM table calculations and drawings generated.
 Solid Edge cable harness technical description (included in the Platinum Edition)
 overview of the
 Solid Edge cable design (Wire Harness Design) function conducive to the Association
 between the electronic and mechanical design team will be used for the simulation of electronic circuits commonly used in electronic wiring design software and integrated with Solid Edge. create a complete
 <br / digital model. typical cable design using Solid Edge cable design, design engineers can take advantage of the electronic prototype
 complete and verify the design and use of a dedicated process driven environment. automation to complete the actual cable and the design of the wire path.
 cable design package to provide a full range of design tools. can manually intervene in the formation of wires. quickly edit the automation steps. easy no
 dedicated electronic wire design package designed for users harness for each workflow will automatically generate the length of cables and wires and is a
 summary report.
 cable design features
 cable design of seamless collaboration in the assembly environment running. professional harness technology-based design tools to efficiently create.
 orientation. organize all kinds of wires. cable. harness cable design features allow electronic or mechanical design team to better co
 design and create complete, accurate digital models ( contains a variety of mechanical and electronic components) as shown in Figure 16-2. no longer
 trial of costly physical prototypes.
 Figure 16-2 synergy created cable wiring harness
 In the the cable design-time. if the appear such as the the excessive wiring harness the physical dimensions of, or bending radius too tight and so on design issues. the the system will
 automatically prompts. and real-time feedback need to be corrected the problem can be generated in the cable design process. cable reporting and wire exchange
 length and attributes (allowing the user to set the percentage of relaxation of the amount of stripping wires) output connection table "
 (Ready-to-use net list) "O'clock. also adds to produce the the mechanical property of of the cable. to used for the processing and manufacturing. the design of the
 2. automatically cable <br / >
 electrical engineer electronic prototype completed and confirmed their design (with the increase in the size and complexity of the electrical system
. task is becoming increasingly important). cable design smart wizards to help the mechanical designers automatically create and layout of the the actual of wires
 and cable. the the use of smart Wizard. user can quickly from the the the the connector between the the information in the the the components of the predefined to the establishment of wire and network. the
 The flexible wire design tools
 efficient creation and editing tools to ensure the best cable toward the establishment of the correct length of cable. "create
 built wire the Create Wire command. will be able to create a path in a design process and electrical properties of cable design
 smart path technology. quickly create the wires toward the space around the design model. accurate through the other components (for example: the plate.
 bogie. catheter, etc.). as shown in Figure 16-3. wires combined can form cables. cables and wires bundled up form <br / >
 into the wiring harness to ensure the correct length of wire and test the design errors.
 Figure 16-3 flexible wire design tools
 4. design errors in real time feedback
 individual wires into groups to form a group of cable wires and cables to form a wiring harness. skillfully combine them to use in the design.
 built-in "design error Checker "real-time feedback to provide a stable, suggesting that the design errors such as: to detect the minimum bend radius
 interference. or exceed the maximum size of the wiring harness of cables and wires. error message will be delivered to the user and the wire displayed next to the symbol of a graph
 highlighted wires prompt tool gives design recommendations to solve the problem. any design problems are easy to fix.
 components can be easily reconfiguration of the wire path is also easy to adjust by using the curve of the key points and the blue dot.
 5. automatically place the terminal specified
 When using the cable design intelligent