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Engineering Drawing Solid Edge
« on: June 07, 2012, 08:36:53 pm »
Engineering drawing in Solid Edge and quick. Meet the drawing specifications and other features. It provides excellent view of the expression. View management technology to label and size control tool and can automatically meet the mapping criteria you selected either from the part model. Assembly model or drawing of a blank. Solid Edge drawing and annotation tools can make it easy for you to complete the mapping of its performance than any other CAD system.
 <br / > View Wizard, you can first generate nine view; view operation. you can be automatically generated to meet the requirements of the various views. greatly ease the designer's plot pressure; through intelligent marked. you can quickly and easily generate isometric map three-dimensional real size; through the assembly drawings, bill of materials you can get the precise detail of the assembly materials list.
 Solid Edge Engineering Drawing graphics and dimensions are to maintain a dynamic association with the three-dimensional model as long as the model for any change in engineering drawing can be aware of and promptly update all information.
 Solid Edge provides a marked surface roughness. welding symbols and shape the special command of the tolerance. to design a complete label dialog box. can very easily surface roughness. welding symbols and geometric tolerance annotation work.
 Solid Edge can complete inheritance before the two-dimensional data to provide material for three-dimensional modeling is best tool to users from the two-dimensional drawing to three-dimensional design. use of Solid Edge designers from 2D to 3D does not need to give up their data or CAD knowledge and intuitive 3D Conversion Wizard helps users quickly the original two-dimensional geometry into three-dimensional parts in the operation of three-dimensional modeling of Solid Edge, two-dimensional CAD data can be used directly. do not need to redraw the original some pixels. user of Solid Edge 2D environment can also customize the type of the linear section line. to complete a more complex mapping of Solid Edge 2D design-specific enhancement technologies not only help AutoCAD users to quickly adapt the software. and allow them to fully enjoy the intelligent operation of software. faster than ever to generate two-dimensional layout. to complete the transition from 2D to 3D.