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CATIA V5 R20 instance Collection
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Book system. Comprehensive learning CATIA V5R20 software instance canon books and book CATIAV5R20 Chinese version of the blueprint for the preparation of content, including two-dimensional sketch instance. Instance of the part design. Chong Shape Design instance design example of free-form surfaces. Assembly design examples. TOP_DOWN design example sheet metal design examples. Appearance of the model set rendering instance IMA design instance. DMU electronic prototype design examples. die design example. instance of CNC machining and structural analysis examples.
Book is sorted out by Di Beijing C & W Technology Co., Ltd. to dozens of domestic and foreign famous companies in different industries (including foreign owned and joint venture), training lesson plans. Has a strong practical and broad applicability of this The book comes with two multimedia DVD Learning CD. produced 113 targeted instance instructional videos and detailed voice to explain. lasted 21 hours; disc also contains all the material of the book file and has completed sample files (two DVD discs teaching file capacity totaling 6.6GB).
Arrange the order of the examples in this book uses progressive approach to the principle of gradual and orderly progress. Before an overview of the content for each instance. Illustrate the characteristics of the instance. Operating skills and focus to master the content and use to command the operation. Readers It has a whole concept. Learn more targeted and detailed steps for instance; way of writing this book close CATIAV5R20 actual operator interface using the software in real dialog. Explain the dashboard button. Beginners can intuitively. Accurate operating software for learning to improve learning efficiency. Book can be used as a mechanical engineering personnel CATIAThe V5R20 self-tutorial and reference books. Available for tertiary institutions to the mechanical professional teachers and students teaching reference.

Cataloging (CIP) data
The CATIA V5R20 the instances Collection / Di Beijing C & W Technology Co., Ltd. ed.
- Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press .2012.9
ISBN 7-111-18063-1
TB · 482 CATIA V5 engineering applications Precision Solution Series
I. P ... Ⅱ. Zhan ... Ⅲ mechanical design: computer-aided design - application software.
CATIA V5-textbook Ⅳ. TH122
Chinese version of the Library CIP data nuclear word (2012) No. 019250
Mechanical Industry Press (Beijing 22 Baiwanzhuang Avenue, Zip Code: 100037)
Planning edit: the tube 晓伟 Editor: Tube Xiaowei
Beijing Ming Cheng Printing Co., printing
September 2012, 1st edition, 1st printing
184mm × 260 mm · 35 sheets · 900 words · 615
0001-3000 brochure
ISBN: ISBN 978-7-111-23456