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CATIA CAA RADE installation method
« on: December 03, 2012, 11:21:20 pm »

CATIA P3 V5R16 SP4 installation method
(Note: the original from the mold Forum)
CD1 CD2 P3 V5R16 installer (CD1/CD2 icon Description: CAT3_R16_WIN_1/.CAT3-R16-WIN-2)
CD3 CD4 SERVERPARK 4 package (CD3/CD4 icon says as follows: SP4_R16_WIN_1/SP4_R16_WIN_2)
Installing CD1/CD2 directly run is not enough. Icon does not respond.
To CD3/CD4 SP4 Bahrain after can *** files (JS0GROUP.dll) covering the job and use the CD3 CD1 in the *** file coverage regardless of use.
CD3 is a virtual CD-ROM, if you can not start from the startThe SP4 specific installation location for CD3 \ intel \ startspk.exe want to help people not installed! !
install CATIA P3V5R14
A. Installation instructions
1. Replace the original JS0GROUP.dll in<catia主程序安装的目录里> \ DassaultSystemes \ B14 \ intel_a \ code \ bin with the one includet in ***folder.
2. (Actually do not delete also sometimes delete the contrary, not) remove allexisting CATSettings
3 (start catia) start CATIA P3V5R14
Go to tools (tools) -> options (options)-> Licensing (licensing) and
select any license, like AC3, AL3, MD2 (choose a random example, AC3, AL3MD2) -> press OK (OK)
5. Restart CATIA P3 V5R14
*** completed
Second installation prompts
Installed first so choose. Choose to install the main program
Installation of a second so choose. Choose the location of the installation environment variables (the file is small) is set to the default location is recommended. Having to switch to another
The default is C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ ApplicationData \ DassaultSystemes \ CATEnv

catia v5 r14 will install 68% of the time. remind other two disk

Three. CATIA start faster tips
After installation completed v5r14
C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ ApplicationData \ DassaultSystemes \ CATEnv
Here is a
Add the following line to open in the last
CATNoStartDocument = no
Can `` It is not to create a new file catia start automatically
The CAA + RADE Installation Guide

Vc. Installed before the installation of CAA and RADE catia secondary development is what we usually installed this I do not how much it ^ _ ^
A. Installation CAA
About CAA installation will automatically select your installation catia directory installation. Probably all the way next ^ _ ^
Install RADE
1. Installation rade do not install CATIA folder, the installation method and installation of CATIA as d: \rade \ B14 \ intel_a \ code \ bin.
Open the Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services. Services inside"Stopped. LaunchCommandServer and ReleaseClient then Rade *** file under JS0GROUP.dll copied to the d: \rade \ B14 \ intel_a \ code \ bin under the coverage start the service (if you do not stop the service is the service is running can not be replaced).

Three. Precautions
Can not start CATIA can go online to find a *** file is JS0GROUP.dllThe dynamic link library.
2. CATIA RADE-tools-RADE license first open open vc works can not be established.manager. permission to look at the inside is not checked if you can not select you *** file, go to the Internet to find a I here put administrators handed to me to put here. total everyone to download.
Not say. Installed just one day. The beginning thought catia problems. Installed several times. Later catia get up the original remove catiasetting when deleting the wrong (we also need to pay attention Oh).